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Value Proposition

Degreebook makes it easy for students to connect with university admissions. Currently, the admissions process is a black box where you submit your application having never built a relationship with the university representatives. This causes a connection gap related to the application process. Degreebook creates a place where students are free to connect with admissions and build an actual relationship.

How It’s Unique

It’s unique because the platform is entirely dedicated to students looking to find the right university. It’s special because users share their Academic Story allowing admissions to learn more about his/her hopes and dreams.

The Big Benefit

The big benefit is that it helps students and admissions professionals make connections based upon their shared interests, hopes and dreams rather than merely their GPA. This helps students demonstrate their holistic performance including emotional intelligence.

Connect to Universities Now

Degreebook makes it easy for students and admissions professionals to connect. Users can create a profile and immediately start connecting with universities that they want to attend. Fill out your Academic Story now and start connecting at www.Degreebook.co

Student & Admissions Network

Makes it simple to connect with admissions professionals which eliminates search costs and the black box nature of admissions.

Academic Story Marketplace

Makes it simple to express your hopes and dreams by writing your own Academic Story.